What are the Best Signs for Virgo Man?

For those who don’t know, self-sufficient and self-directed are 2 most correct adjectives used to describe a Virgo man. Like other Earth signs, he’s stubborn in doing whatever he wants or needs to do. When it comes to romance, even though he has a sense of pride and duty, this man has a tendency to enjoy the solo life for quite a long time as he does have high standards in choosing the partner. But once this Virgin sign is falling in love, no one can stop him. In the horoscope chart, what are the best signs for this man? Take a look at the information here to fill your curiosity!

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What star signs does a Virgo man feel most comfortable with? What signs can form the best compatible matches with this guy? Which signs should he date? All of your questions will be responded one by one in the followings.

Signs that Most Compatible with Virgo Man

What are the Best Signs for Virgo Man?

As a star sign ruled by Earth element and Mercury, Virgo is seen to be most compatible with 2 other Earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn. In Zodiac, those who have the same element is predicted to form a harmonious relationship with each other.

Both Capricorn and Taurus can form perfect matches for a Virgo man since they share all the characteristics and traits with him, like practical, cautious, and materially-oriented. However, if you ask which one among these two will make a long-term relationship with the perfectionist here, it’d be Capricorn. Why? Not to mention the love compatibility rate, this sign has the same personalities with a Virgo man as they’re both equally diligent and conscientious. It’s easy for them to understand and cope with one another’s workaholic tendencies.     

Also, there are other 2 signs with a different element that can harmonize with the earthy Virgo; that are, Cancer and Scorpio – 2 Water signs. Many astrologers think that the match made from the combination of Water and Earth is actually the ideal. If this man can couple with Cancer or Scorpio, their love match will surely work as there’s a high proportion of successful compatibility between 2 people.

Love and Marriage for Virgo Man

If a Virgo man is in love: he’ll be easily attracted to these 3 star signs – Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio. These girls all share the same trait that this guy loves the most, that’s “independence”.   

If a Virgo man gets married: there’s slight change when the Virgo enters the marital life as he’s mature now and has different standards in picking partner. If you’re under Virgo, Leo, or Libra, you can possess a responsible man – Virgo – at home.  

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